The Mind

A Metaphysical Model of the Mind

Not too fast, not too slow; Not too high, not too low; Not too hot, not too cold; Not too timid, not too bold; (All eight extremes are necessary for life, however, there is wisdom in caring for universal limits - to distinguish the mind from the universe.) The mind is very complex. Is it possible to make a model of the mind that will help us understand the universe, ourselves, and the Creator? Perhaps. All things are formed by the reticulation of three sinuous forces that promote gravity, produce mass, establish complex patterns, regenerate themselves, and connect themselves to others.(*) The forces are three pairs of waveforms: sine and cosecant, tangent and cotangent, and secant and cosine. Two waves when crossed form a point in one-dimensional space. It takes two points to form a line segment. It takes three to form a triangle that exists or is real to a single two-dimensional plane. The most primitive of the three dimensional forms, the tetrahedron, where exist six segments forming four points, will be used as two models (male and female) where each segment represents factors that determine a mind set. In the models, there is not a divisions of segments, but rather, a binding of one segment by another (keeping in mind that each segment, being a wave, is itself the manifestation of one something bound by another something). Let x=adjacent, y=opposite, and z=hypotenuse. Thus: sine(sin) = not really y/z, but rather y bound by z. cosecant(csc) = not really z/y, but rather z bound by y. tangent(tan) = not really y/x, but rather y bound by x. cotangent(cot) = not really x/y, but rather x bound by y. secant(sec) = not really z/x, but rather z bound by x. cosine(cos) = not really x/z, but rather x bound by z. Now a singular model: Get 6 rubber bands, 2 each of any color - in this example 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue. Cut each one to form six open-ended rubber bands. Get three tacks and pin one of each color rubber band to a board to form a triangle consisting of a z segment (red), an x segment (yellow), and a y segment (blue). These three bands form a face that is real to the board as they are upon its surface - connected to the same dimension.(1) To each of the three points of the triangle you made, also pin one end of either the red, yellow, or blue rubber bands so that each point of the triangle you made consists of all three colors. Now pinch the loose ends of the rubber bands you added to the triangle together. You have made three additional segments, and also three additional faces which are not real to the surface of the original triangle as they are not connected to the same plane (in the same dimension) as it and thus may represent imagination. Let each color of band represent a waveform and its opposite (elucidated further down). For example: sine and cosecant = red; tangent and cotangent = blue; secant and cosine = yellow. So as not to create a conflict, each of the six segments of the tetrahedron is not connected to its opposite. That is to say, a rubber band of one color that exists in the real plane is not connected to the rubber band of the same color that exists in the imaginary planes except through the mediums of the other rubber bands. Therefore, by design, reality and imagination are kept apart.(2) You now have a tetrahedron where each segment is connected to every other segment except the non-real (imaginary, same colored) opposite of itself. You have four planes of existence in the form of faces. You have a base face and three others. The base face may represent reality (gender, age, etc.). The other three faces may represent ideas, illusions, dreams or whatever. The body as a whole may represent self. The mind is the same way. It must have both real and imaginary parts which are separate yet embodied in order to achieve depth of dimension and functionality - very complex, indeed. Now move the pinched ends around in the space above the original triangle. You can see how the real face of the tetrahedron can remain unchanged while the other three faces do change not only in slant, but also in size, tension, and influence (binding) on the body as a whole. Within the confines of the tetrahedral model, a sub-conscious will is created by you moving the thing around and peering in to view the results (ref. Heisenberg). Your focal point is where the sub-conscious will is positioned as theta (id). Initially, the model is only receptive of wave influences that act upon it from global space. These waves are echoed as unarticulated voices (thought) and are retained as offsets from the segments to which they are associated. From the accumulation of repetitive wave patterns, the achievement of an awareness of their own local existence and the necessity to exist, these voices form a consciousness (or mind) within the grand total universe. As the consciousness (ego - ref. Freud) follows the sub-conscious will (id - ref. Freud) from one segment to another; one offset to another - it intermingles with associations real or imaginary, strong or weak in amplitude, high or low in frequency, dense or sparse with tension, and its state of mind is determined. It can now influence itself and other entities through the generation of its own waves in global space. Only after living righteously(**) is a conscience (superego - ref. Freud) formed. But it takes time - months; years; decades; even lifetimes.(3) Of course, the mind is made of more subtle material than rubber bands. All things are made of waves and particles that form patterns. We can model patterns with points and segments (for instance, varying degrees of learning represented as polyhedrons totally or partially and to some degree of saturation (which may be defined as universe/mind = local; mind/universe = global) either within the model (important) or outside the model (trivial)). Both social and individual growth can be modeled as the connection and joining of compatible points, segments, and faces. A partial collapse occurs when points, segments, or faces (i.e. ideas, plans, relationships, etc.) break up. But with a multitude of points, segments, and faces, the mind as a whole survives as the memory within it can regenerate the entire entity with either parallel waveforms (by use of extraordinary chanels) or opposite, non-touching, embodied waveforms (by use of divergent chanels).(4) Negative traits may be represented by mis-aligned or unconnected wavelengths. A more complex model may be used to help correct abnormal psychology by means of re-alignment or new connections. Now for a tangent. Earlier two models were mentioned. The following may describe the real face of each. When two entities are in some way associated, such is a relation. A one-to-one relation is a function. Since the y value of both a sine wave and a tangent wave is zero when the value of x is zero, but, the y value of a cosine wave is a positive value and the y value of a cotangent wave is infinity when x is zero, and as females have no y chromosome at birth (zero) and men do (one), we can justify sine and tangent waves as female and cosine and cotangent waves as male. If you consider all functions where x is bound or where y binds, you have the male functions. Where y is bound or where x binds, you have the female functions. (Subliminally, where z (neutral) binds, you have the functions of the original creator consciousness.) You can organize the six trigonometric functions into two gender groups: female = sine -> tangent -> secant and male = cosecant -> cotangent -> cosine: y/z -> y/x -> z/x and z/y -> x/y -> x/z or, in the other directions: female = secant -> tangent -> sine and male = cosine -> cotangent -> cosecant: z/x -> y/x -> y/z and x/z -> x/y -> z/y. The series above form pure female and pure male loops, but they do not form perfect loops. To organize the six trigonometric functions into two perfect loops (where x, y, and z rotate as numerator(the bound) -> denominator(the binder) -> or not present, you must place the tangent in the male group and the cotangent in the female group as so: (mostly)female = sine -> cotangent -> secant and (mostly)male = cosecant -> tangent -> cosine: y/z -> x/y -> z/x and z/y -> y/x -> x/z or, in the other directions (not present -> denominator -> numerator): (mostly)female = secant -> cotangent -> sine and (mostly)male = cosine -> tangent -> cosecant: z/x -> x/y -> y/z and x/z -> y/x -> z/y. This was described by Carl Jung as the Anima (female part in the male) and Animus (male part in the female), and, also, centuries earlier by an Eastern philosopher as the relation between yin and yang. "A part of one exists in the other to make them both complete" (ref. Lao Tzu). The identity functions are male/male, female/female, and Creator/Creator.(5) As stated earlier, in the model the opposite of each function is rotated 90 degrees to that function. Appropriately, an inverse function is rotated at most 90 degrees to a function and is reverse in its direction (see note 6 concerning direction). That is to say that in each segment where one value (x, y, or z) binds and/or is bound by another (x, y , or z) a function (sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, or cosecants) exists, and the inverse of that function is the function that must be applied to the result of that function to undo the result. Rarely is a function its own inverse. Inversion may account for the angular shift between the mind and the universe, where flesh and animals (mal to anima and animus) form a growth synchronized to the interpolations in between.(6) The six trigonometric functions can also be grouped into: our binding of creation (secant and cosecant), our binding of each other and ourselves (tangent and cotangent), and creation's bounds over us (sine and cosine). On a graph, secant or cosecant functions look like fingertips or toetips (parabolas (prints and nails)) whose outer values commence to the undefined at each other's latus rectum (line of focus). The fingernails and toenails or equivalent are the embodiments of the secant and cosecant functions and are specific to each species. They are the parabolic manifestations of even degree functions that, when connected in series, form sine and cosine patterns. Tangent and cotangent waves are odd degree functions that are generated and embodied in the flow of the muscular structures of the limbs, trunk, torso, and chest between the fingers, toes and the head. Sine and cosine functions look and are imprinted as roots of any degree in the groin, chest by armpits, and the temples. There are also sections of the body that have no inverse and house the flow of the many-to-one associations (decisions). These include the inner ankles, mid-shins, lower back above tailbone, the areas above the shoulder blades, and the areas directly behind the ears. The self, of course, is the harbour of the one-to-many associations (options) and, if careless, wasteful, or not self-preserving, becomes, sadly, dysfunctional.(7) (Growth allows relation to the world as many-to-many associations.) So, if you form a tetrahedron using only female waves as a base, femininity is real and masculinity is unreal, and if you form a tetrahedron using only male waves as a base, masculinity is real and femininity is unreal. The female reality assimilates imagined opposites to bind male waves - female projected yang.. The male reality assimilates imagined opposites to bind female waves - male projected yin. Bounds of and on the original creator conciousness are intrinsic.(8) Thus imagination based on reality is the buffer/joining zone between the sexes. The real faces are basically self-serving, but when the female projected yang is resonant with the male projected yin, the two are attracted to each other to form a whole. The two waves must be complementary in magnitude to each other in relation to the real faces of each source in order to achieve oneness. Adjustment works. (c/2012 S1). Pretense (falsification) does not work for long. (Use the functions in note 6 to determine intent.) Self-aggrandizement leads to aggression. If it doesn't fit, don't force it. (c/2011 W3). Life was generated on this planet in the usual way. The Celestial fertilized Earth's egg-like environment. (Who's yer daddy?) As for male and female mentalities, do women try to straighten men out while men try to bend women to man's will? Naturally. X chromosomes are straight, and Y chromosomes are bent at the centromere (,which men of discrimination smooth into a curve.) Do women attempt to zero men out while men try to keep women in orbit? Sometimes. The male is chromosomally half female and offset with the ability to replicate himself in order to survive. Thus the male fear of becoming female and the impetus to prove manhood with, sometimes, negative results. And sometimes women love to drive men crazy to sate their own desires. Now back to (un)reality The base segments of each model may represent one's physical attributes, intelligence quotient, education level, extroversion, introversion, achievements, or other real factors. Inverses may be mapped as vectors on the base planes to represent one's beliefs, cures, defenses, etc. Projected segments may represent expectation, desire, intent, hope, goals, or any as yet un-realized factor. Cevians may represent the bindings of one's inductions, deductions, or any factor by another. And the volume of the model may represent the self and its experiences real or unreal. Each point binds the other back and forth and may find stability or may exist in a constant state of change. The segments between each point may then represent those compound bindings, and each segment can be defined as a function as can each function and its binding of or by another function be declared as a point.(9) Finally, consider a model from which stem all twelve bodily systems, twelve meridians, and myriad thoughts - a model in which the segments are prevalently male or female, positive or negative, of varying shapes, sizes, and intensities, created perfect or pure, consciously seeking purity or perfection, with a will that can manipulate waves to form its own points. So, is it possible to make a model of the mind? You espouse. (Know thyself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of note: Credit is due to Huang-fu Mi - the author of the Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing, Hipparchus - the Father of Trigonometry, Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi - the Father of Algebra, Sir Isaac Newton - the Father of Calculus, Rene' Descartes for his graphical visualization, Leonhard Euler for making the imaginary substantial, James Clerk Maxwell for "four of the most influential equations in science" (Fleisch), Nikola Tesla for his brilliant concepts of energy, and George Woodward Warder for his Electric Universe Theory. There are several tetrahedral shapes in the universe (for example: ammonia, methane, and, apart from those, the human nose), but the one that life, as we know it, depends upon is the water molecule. The human body is about 60 percent water, and the brain is about 70 percent water. 1. You may have seen the Discovery Channel episode entitled "Dimensions". The comparison of the surface of a body of water (one dimension) to the volume of water that exists below it (another dimension) may or may not have been derived from a draft of this paper that was sent to a university sometime between 2002 and 2004. 2. If a wave formed by x bound by y encountered a wave formed by y bound by x, both waves would be disrupted, each being the opposite of the other. There would be a conflict of existence at the point of their intersection. If the opposite segments are simply placed in the same plane by eliminating the connecting mediums, a non-rational expression occurs at their point of intersection due to the absence of a buffer (asymptote) between them. The point could be "t" for "mutex" (mutually exclusive (a POSIX term)) as the existence of either waveform alternates between the two at the point of intersection. It is not the same as reticulating two non-opposite waveforms to form a point. A cross of opposite waveforms existing on two separate planes is spiritualistic as two opposites bind (influence) spirally what is between them. A cross of opposite waveforms existing on a single two-dimensional plane is non-spiritualistic as two opposites (in this case reality and imagination) conflict with each other at a mutex and cause an infinite, semi-reticulating quasi-manifestation that is and is not. 3. We currently declare height, breadth, depth, and time the four dimensions. Is time a dimension? The eight directions are up, down, left, right, forward, back, inward, and outward. We define the three dimensions, height, breadth, and depth, with the first six of the eight directions listed above. We have neither sufficiently defined time as a dimension, nor have we declared a dimension which considers the last two directions of the eight listed above. Time is a word we use for the mathematical tool by which we measure duration and change. Therefore, let it be proposed the fourth dimension is presence (denoted by the variable "w" (intensity)) wherein manifestation is measured as dilution, saturation, or concentration (-100% <-> 0 <-> +100%) either external (negative) to, or internal (positive) to a three dimensional space. The fifth dimension may be the interface of refraction (see notes 6 and 8) between the Mind and the Universe. The sixth dimension may be any imaginary plane that exists parallel to any real plane and may serve as a data backup universe (memory). Additional dimensions may be either recursive (in the sense of a function that calls itself) or based on the interaction or relativity of two or more dimensions. Also, to exceed the speed of light, end time (observation). Only the Universe is omnipresent. 4. Accupressure. The object is to remedy anomalies of the fourth dimension, in essence, the direct connection between the inner and the outer by inserting buffers between them and/or the presence of any scalar conflicts by inverting anti-parallels and/or by re-directing energies. Ironically, the anomalies of eating and breathing are necessary for life. Working increases the exposure of the male and female to the yin and yang and may, in some instances, produce mental conflicts. The anomalies can be corrected through moderate exercise (swimming, calisthenics, yoga, etc) massage, shiatsu, meditation, and/or diet. (Most workers, blissfully, use beer.) If the direct connection between inner and outer is a tool or weapon, the only solution is to finish with the tool and put it away, or drop the weapon (using the weapon is non-un-do-able - "Gotta keep 'em separAted"). 5. Humans are not a microcosm of the universe or they would contain also elements adverse to life, such as cesium, etc. The universe is not a macrocosm of humans or it would be copulating. Humans are a very minute portion of the universe. However, the two entities have a functional relationship. Being human, one would consider humans as being more spiritual than the material universe. Male and female are complemental to each other, and total opposites may both be positive within a specific quadrant (see the illustrations in note 8). The material and the spiritual are not complemental to each other. Yet the material and the spiritual are not opposite of each other. Rather, they are supplemental to each other, and any two supplements may be positive within a specific hemi-sphere. Neutrinos are the neutral (asexual, as their name implies) intellect of both the spiritual and material universes. They process both pure and perfect loops bi-directionally in equatorial (pure) and polar (perfect) orbits. When neutrinos process loops in one direction, they are material (muon); in the other direction, they are spiritual (tau). The intellect of the spiritual universe is neutral with the female being adjacent, and the intellect of the material universe is neutral with the male being adjacent. Protons are male - materially positive; electrons are female - materially negative. The supplemental is also true. Asexuality is the key to purity and perfection. 6. The mind and the material world may be thought of as two different dimensions. The relation of the two dimensions may be considered the relative presence of each as the saturate values of each change from -100% <-> 0 <-> 100% or as if they volute from inner to outer position on a Moebius strip in the area where the twist is most concentrated (LOL). But, the relation between dimensions manifests as refraction when a function (x/y, x/z, y/x, y/z, z/x, or z/y) passes from one dimension to the other or vice versa due to the relative positions of x, y, or z after vector bending. If x is the adjacent segment in one dimension, it bends to the opposite segment in the other dimension. If y is the opposite segment in one dimension, it bends to the adjacent segment in the other dimension. The effect is z seemingly reverses (inverts) direction in relation to x and y. This results in uni-directional refraction up to a specific threshold during the process of reticulation. It results in bi-directional refraction (reaction) beyond a specific threshold during reticulation. Reflection does not change the relative positions of x, y, or z. Too weak a wave will reflect without refracting (which requires penetration). Too powerful a wave will pass through without reflecting or refracting. The transition from one dimension to the supplemental (see note 5) dimension changes: sine (0@0degrees , 1@90degrees) to cosine (1@0degrees , 0@90degrees), tangent (0@0degrees , infinity@90degrees) to cotangent (infinity@0degrees , 0@90degrees), secant (1@0degrees , infinity@90degrees) to cosecant (infinity@0degrees , 1@90degrees). And of course: cosine (1@0degrees , 0@90degrees) to sine (0@0degrees , 1@90degrees), cotangent (infinity@0degrees , 0@90degrees) to tangent (0@0degrees , infinity@90degrees), cosecant (infinity@0degrees , 1@90degrees) to secant (1@0degrees , infinity@90degrees). Here are some models: If a below threshold reaction is caused to a mind, then: If an above threshold reaction is caused to a mind, then: Neutrality is inclined to yin -> yang -> yang -> yin -> yin -> yang -> yang -> yin -> yin -> yang -> yang -> yin (see note 7). (The names ccxy (sexy) and coccyx (cosex) are due to segment ("x" or "y") precedence. Blood circulation can be modeled as uni-directional refraction, digestion as syncopated uni-directional refraction, and respiration as bi-directional refraction (z segment toggles direction between inhalation and exhalation). Functions binding functions cause in either direction (L to R or R to L) (Substitute "/" with "bound by".): ASSUME x:female, y:male, z:asexual
sin / sin = 1 tan / sin = sec sec / sin = z^2 / xy
sin / cos = tan tan / cos = yz / x^2 sec / cos = z^2 / x^2
sin / tan = cos tan / tan = 1 sec / tan = csc
sin / cot = y^2 / zx tan / cot = y^2 / x^2 sec / cot = zy / x^2
sin / sec = yx / z^2 tan / sec = sin sec / sec = 1
sin / csc = y^2 / z^2 tan / csc = y^2 / xz sec / csc = tan
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
cos / sin = cot cot / sin = xz / y^2 csc / sin = z^2 / y^2
cos / cos = 1 cot / cos = csc csc / cos = z^2 / yx
cos / tan = x^2 / zy cot / tan = x^2 / y^2 csc / tan = zx / y^2
cos / cot = sin cot / cot = 1 csc / cot = sec
cos / sec = x^2 / z^2 cot / sec = x^2 / yz csc / sec = cot
cos / csc = xy / z^2 cot / csc = cos csc / csc = 1
Any function bound by itself produces 1 - the identity. A function bound by itself is an inverse form of recursion - self restraint. A function assisted by itself is a form of recursion - selfishness. And, yes, x^2 + y^2 = z^2. Functions assisting functions cause in either direction (L to R or R to L) (Substitute "*" with "assisted by".): ASSUME x:female, y:male, z:asexual
sin * sin = y^2 / z^2 tan * sin = y^2 / xz sec * sin = tan
sin * cos = yx / z^2 tan * cos = sin sec * cos = 1
sin * tan = y^2 / zx tan * tan = y^2 / x^2 sec * tan = zy / x^2
sin * cot = cos tan * cot = 1 sec * cot = csc
sin * sec = tan tan * sec = yz / x^2 sec * sec = z^2 / x^2
sin * csc = 1 tan * csc = sec sec * csc = z^2 / xy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
cos * sin = xy / z^2 cot * sin = cos csc * sin = 1
cos * cos = x^2 / z^2 cot * cos = x^2 / yz csc * cos = cot
cos * tan = sin cot * tan = 1 csc * tan = sec
cos * cot = x^2 / zy cot * cot = x^2 / y^2 csc * cot = zx / y^2
cos * sec = 1 cot * sec = csc csc * sec = z^2 / yx
cos * csc = cot cot * csc = xz / y^2 csc * csc = z^2 / y^2
Any function assisted by its opposite produces an identity. For the model, division may represent Pathos, and multiplication may represent Ethos. Of course, the Logos functions would utilize AND, OR, XOR, and NOT with "yes" and "no" in place of "1" and "0". One other factor to consider in the model would be the "w" value introduced in note 3. This could be atmosphere, diet, present thoughts and beliefs, et cetera and would be incorporated as plus or minus in influence. You like magic? Bind by zero. Or, better yet, consider how nicely the above functions tie into the functions grouped in the paragraph that references note 7. 7. If one views the chi meridians as mathematical graphs, they take on a whole new meaning. The complexity of the body/mind-mind/body relationship is extremely difficult to map mathematically, as the graphs are in constant flux when the body is in motion, and considerations for form, size, proportion to a standard(?), and ranges of motion in relation to each other must be taken into account. However, such a task is achievable using mathematical patterns for squares, square roots, cubes, absolute values, symmetry, inverses, reciprocals, et cetera based on meridians. It is interesting to note that there are five basic pairs of chi meridians in the human body - each pair consisting of a yin and yang meridian which flow in opposite directions of each other. More interesting is that the flow of chi in the body (animate), with hands over head, is reverse in direction (up or down) from the flow in nature (inanimate). Therefore, for the purpose of modeling the mind, the flow of chi in nature shall be referred to as "yin" and "yang", and the flow of chi in the body shall be referred to as "male" and "female". The sequence of flow in the shu-points of the body is the same as the sequence in nature: wood -> fire -> earth -> metal -> water for yin and metal -> water -> wood -> fire -> earth for yang. However, the sequence of flow in the twelve primary channels of the body is: metal -> metal -> earth -> earth -> fire -> fire -> water -> water -> fire -> fire -> wood -> wood. The sequence in the body consists of a semi-sequence - indicative of uni-direction, a duplicity of one element - typical of syncopation, another semi-sequence in the opposite direction of the first semi-sequence - characteristic of bi-direction (see note 6), and a looping pattern - emblematic of reticulation. The five elements of Eastern philosophy may be symbolized in a pentagram where each element flows in yin and yang pairs in ring patterns within each segment. These patterns are not the 2D shapes of circles that are drawn on paper and touch each other. Rather they are like braided (the lay in both directions) cords, the strands of which travel reflectively within the weave of space and time and the orthogonal cross-sections of which appear as rings. 8. (Axii will be in upper case "X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis" and segments will be in lower case "xyz".) Any two segments joined together at a point are on a single two-dimensional plane. The cross product of those two segments forms a segment that is perpendicular to that plane. If x, y, and z lay clockwise on a plane, a clockwise sequence of assisting x*y -> y*z -> z*x produces cross product segments going upward from the plane. A counter-clockwise sequence x*z -> z*y -> y*x produces downward segments. If x, y, and z lay clockwise on a plane, a clockwise sequence of binding x/y -> y/z -> z/x produces cross product segments going downward from the plane. A counter-clockwise sequence x/z -> z/y -> y/x produces upward segments (see the illustrations in note 6)). The direction along the Z-axis toggles between upward and downward as it refracts from the inner realm of one sex (male or female) to the outer realm of universe (yin or yang) to the inner realm of the opposite sex. Thus, as projections reflect back and forth between a male and a female, the male aligns to the female projected yang, the female aligns to the male projected yin, and waves are formed. Emotion is passed by value (reflection) instead of reference (absorbtion and refraction) and thus remains unchanged. Energy is generated between the male and the female, and both may feel "in tune". Uni-directional refraction is maintained within both male and female resulting in stability and a non-conflicting connection. Through familiarity, emotion is eventually passed by reference as the energy exceeds quarter a revolution at either end of reflection and forms an anomaly (in this case, bi-directional refraction) which may result in an energy discharge from both or either the male and/or the female. Here are illustrations of some of the effects of binding or assisting: 9. As the mind can be represented as a tetrahedron, so too can the relationship between ourselves and the Creator be represented by a pyramid. Place two segments, one representing recursive female (female*female) and one representing recursive male (male*male) and place them parallel to each other on a single plane. Connect the adjacent ends of each segment together with two more segments that represent the inverse values of female/male and male/female to get female*male and male*female respectively. Thus, a rectangle ((male*male + female*female)/2 * (male*female)) is formed. The objective is to achieve an identity (see note 6). From each corner project a segment to get four segments that meet at a point above the plane of the square that was formed by the original four segments. The four projected segments then represent Creator/male, male/Creator, Creator/female, and female/Creator. Segments projected downward from each corner to connected points may represent the roots of self in the animal or materialistic worlds and are not necessarily crucial to (and may even hamper) the construction of the pyramid. Furthermore, obtuseness will result in the base plane if all the angles are not right. Regardless of such, so long as the point that represents the Creator is high enough and within the vertical boundaries of the base plane, all the trigonometric functions in the dimension between the base plane and the Creator will be positive. Moreover, for the pyramid to be complete, there must be a relationship between a male and a female, or there is no base for the structure. (The relationship between an individual and the Creator has been implicitly addressed in the tetrahedral model.) Several modular realities may be represented by 3-dimensional shapes where each shape is constructed as: (total number of faces of no more than four segments == total number of vertices) && (total number of segments == (total number of faces + total number of vertices) - 2). From bottom to top and left to right (points-segments-faces): 4-6-4 singular identity, 5-8-5 male and female relation, 5-9-6 female, 6-9-5 male, 6-10-6 species, 6-11-7, 7-11-6, 7-12-7 style, 6-12-8, 8-12-6, 7-13-8, 8-13-7, 8-14-8 heart, 7-14-9, 9-14-7, 8-15-9, 9-15-8, and the top three (from bottom to top) 9-16-9 purity (gem-shaped (voice)), 9-16-9 perfection (house-shaped (head)), and 9-18-9 divinity (torus-shaped (halo)). Unaroused (not in bi-direction), the base of the 4-6-4 is layed in one direction and processes assistance in the opposite direction. Thus it points inward. As arousal commences, the ensuing bi-direction causes the processing sequence of assistance to be in the same direction as the lay, and the Z-axis points outward (see note 8). P.S. Life is rare in the universe. Here exists the Earth and the Sky and the creatures that forever struggle for survival and control in between. Humans endeavor to bring existence under ownership, and labelisation. That which we cannot own, we can at least label. Is that which exists subject to the labels imposed upon it? Labels are but pointers to that which exists. No religion or philosophy can own the Universe (which is what we try to impose the labels, Neter, Deus, Dio, Dieu, Gott, God, et cetera, upon). (It would be more accurate to apply those terms, which represent goodness, morality, fairness, etc. to the conscience in hopes that the Universe employs such above natural law. In other words, if you want a god, you have to grow one! And be disCERNing enough to not stupidly stun neutrinos!) We can only label (cast spells upon) the Universe's creations. The Universe, however, is not subject to our labels regardless of which language is used. (The Universe is too vast to be defined, for the Universe is all of us, and all of us and other entities, to include male and female, rich and poor, Creator and Destroyer, are only part of the Universe.) Only the mind is subject to labels as labels conjure mental associations. It may be that there is no more purpose for life than that life exists. "I am that I am." But, survival requires wisdom. It may be that neither good nor evil are as important as necessity to the universe. But, to our mind, they should be. ("That we should be God (good)" or lose an entire planet to chaotic evil (murder, rape, theft, lies, slavery).) More likely is the possibility that life exists by design of the Creator to serve as a buffer between the physical manifestation of the Universe and entropy. If we live in a binary system, good and evil are separate yet embodied. Two Kachinas dance together endlessly, within. One is winged. One is beautiful. We living creatures are the product of and passion spent in that dance. Again, survival requires wisdom. There is no reward for not having the things one needs, but what good is getting in excess - to be a burden on and expectant of others? None, by the definition of good. As long as emphasis is placed on control by a central figure, the concept of a prevailing goodness will be vulnerable. (And, in the other direction, as long as emphasis is placed on a prevailing goodness, the concept of control by a central figure will be vulnerable.) The object is not for some to have all in the midst of chaos, but for all to be civil with whatever they have. Find accord with the minds of others. Eat, drink, be merry, behave yourself, and don't pump out babies, if you can't support them yourself. The worst we can do is get fished into unrighteousness, dissonance, or debt by the devils who think themselves righteous instead of keeping good in mind as we become the men and women that we are. The best we can do is be responsible for the maintenance of a planet that is not a product of our own anger, lust, and greed, but a world where we, as the substance of an evolving collective conscience, may safely dwell amongst each other in piety. Amen. The desire to possess gains functions with limits - thus limited functionality. To possess is to be possessed. With its annotations and connotations, it is labeled "possession". * It did not start with a Big Bang, but rather an Intonement. ** This is the sum of all true righteousness: deal with others as thou wouldst thyself be dealt with. Do nothing to thy neighbor which thou wouldst not have him do to thee hereafter. Quoted from the Mahabharata (c. 350 B.C.) (After death, the ego dissolves. If the ego has produced a superego, the identity bonds with other superegos in the universe. If it has not produced a superego, its energy is returned without an identity to the forces of the universe due to its self-alienation from and inability to live with others.) (If you do not like what you have read here, let it be. If what is here is credible to you, you will find here some tools for modeling the mind to better understand the universe and ourselves. If you succumb to the vulgarities of life, you will find yourself unable to use many of these tools.) Have a good day! Download zipped pdf Copyright 2012-2016 JSM All rights reserved