Things that should be taught in School:

The Adam and Eve Story

Science Disproves the "Out of Africa" Theory

Fingerprints of the Gods

From the Ashes of Angels

The Sumerian Swindle

The History of Christianity

Caesar's Messiah

The Electric Universe

Economic Collapse

"Melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms"
The longer light is applied, the darker it gets.
Want to get dark? Get out in the sun. Want to lighten up? Un-arouse your melanin.
Variety is the spice of life, but if we unify the races, we lose that spice.
The evil forces on this planet wish to mix all the races into one dumb one for
ease of control. If that can't be done, they want all the races to kill each other.
Some of each race have been here forever and know the only way to co-exist is via intelligence.
Question for the anti-blacks: Do you hate vitamin D? Do yourself a favor and
spend some time in the sun so your melanin can initiate vitamin D production.
(Not too much, because once saturated, melanin starts to block UVR rays.)
Questions for the anti-whites: Are your teeth white? Do you hate your teeth?
Quit trying to ruin the spice of life. Brush your teeth. Comb you hair. Do
your homework. Clean your room. Don't track that in here.
Spice is nice, and some people get gorged easily.
The best partner is the one most like yourself.

Males and females are not opposites; they are complements (yes, that's math).
Opposites do not attract. They cancel each other out to achieve entropy.
Sameness in motion attracts itself - electricity in parallel (due to the
magnetism generated) and magnetism in series (due to the electricity generated).
Sameness at rest expands itself. (If sameness is at rest, there may be an electric
field, but no electrical flow and, therefrom, no magnetism.)