What is wrong with the world?   

Has God abandoned us? No. The problem is in our mis-conception of God.
The Creator created all things including us. The goodness we produce is God.
If we produce no goodness, we produce a godless society. It is the greatest of
mistakes to think that God is a central figure surrounded by angels. That is not God.
That is government, wherein all participants constantly bite and claw at each other.


(Resposible, trustworthy government does not get itself trillions of dollars in debt.)
As long as emphasis is placed on control by a central figure, the reality
of a prevailing goodness will be vulnerable. Conversely, as long as emphasis is placed
on a prevailing goodness, the reality of control by a central figure will be vulnerable.
Where a population cannot foster a prevailing goodness,
a central government will inevitably arise,
built by those who are selfishly evil.

Things that should be taught in schools, but are not.
(Click on the green letters.)

Nothing was learned from 2008. Greed, hiding behind the veil of benevolence,
quickly re-motivated the majority. Thirst for verity and logic has given way to
hunger for power and public theater. Morality, not treating others as one would
not be treated (which is not the same as virtue or virtue signaling), seems
to have vanished. Overall, the world is completely corrupt.

"The Trumpet false"
President Trump's advisors played everyone for fools. When they kept
Trump from physically removing those judges who issued injunctions to his
explicit right to prevent immigration, they put America on a sinking ship.
Next came the trade war with China and the tax breaks for corporations,
instead of eased trade with China and heavy taxes on corporations that
moved to China. Both T-rump and M.R.Pants lulled America. Trump was content
with an audience, not an Army. He would not incite a riot let alone a coup.)
Do not blame God. It is the fault of people who let themselves be fooled -
people who bought GM after GM skated with Billions to China, union workers
and liberals who voted for Biden, judges and officials who thought material
wealth the key to Heaven, and on, and on and on...

Which Noahide Law states, "Thou shalt not lie?" The one they try to dimiss!

Rothschild lied when he said he cares not who makes the laws. The only way he
could gain control of the money was to make the laws that allow him to sweep
those fortunes into his account. He would argue that he said he didn't care who
made the laws, as long as his laws were made. Sein Absisicht war durchgeschaut.

Quit your cry-babying about a third temple! Anju's people didn't build the first two.
The Lebanese built the first temple, and Herod the Great refurbished into a second
temple the mud hut the jewish refugees threw together.
Their problem is they, like any institution run by incompetence aimed
at gaining authority, try to build penthouses before any supporting levels.
They would rather erase their experienced critics from memory than heed any corrective criticism.
The third temple is to be built with American taxpayers' money as a symbol of Yahwist victory?!

Most of what your elected officials are telling you now will, within
a month, be lies. The "officials" are not breaking any Noahide Law.
If there is one thing those who are in power fear the most,
it is they won't get their way without lying to everyone.
They do not like the word, "honest", so they use the word,
"transparent". Their pomp is neither honest nor transparent.
They pretend to be righteous, but they treat everyone as they
would not be treated. Reject their lies, bribes and beguilements.
Dismiss them. Do not heroize their thugs. They are not heroes.
They are thugs. Deep down, thugs fear selling their love for useful idiocy.
However, they are brainwashed into thinking being hated is Christ-like.
Be on guard. Maintain control.

Governments have known for decades what is coming. They are still in the process
of taking everything they can in an attempt to have control after their pre-planned
catastrophe. They have built underground sanctuaries for themselves. They intend
to abandon the rest of us to our impending doom. Why the current plandemic, the
escalated strife between nations, and the conflicts in society? Why not let
the world enjoy peace and prosperity in its final days? Are the "Powers That Be"
trying to get everyone to hate God, so everyone will be unforgiven, and in the end,
proclaim themselves God? They have a mis-conception of God.
They do not promote overall goodness because they hate it.*

The rich and powerful are so vain and conceited they think it would exalt
themselves to issue any public statement in praise or defense of God. The
rich and powerful convince themselves that bowing in somebody's back (i.e.
picking somebody's pocket) is serving God. Fear of losing touch with their
own self love is what causes them to do evil to others. They think others
would exploit them as they exploit. Thus they do not grow goodness and
despise those who do.

And why did the Powers-That-Be flood Europe, a country that was
curbing its population naturally, with an illiterate, unskilled,
non-assimilating (so-called) workforce only to later shut down
the entire European economy. They ruined the beauty of Europe
because they hated it.

Is the present lockdown to keep the population from hindering their escape?
Remember, they are not God, although they think they are. Only recently have they
discovered that the shelters they have built are vulnerable to structural cracks.
Once they all get down there, they will claw and worm into each other for control.
On top of that, half of them are liars, pedophiles and psychopaths.
The other half, being dim-witted, do not know what to do about it.

They've gotten themselves so dumbed down that they don't even know to
go to the CDC's webpage to find reason to ditch the Mask-Scare-uh!
They dismiss facts such as Coca-Cola can test positive for their virus.
(In case you missed it, Austrian Parliament proved so on live television.)
The idiots are so mad at themselves for wearing masks that they vent
that anger on those who refuse to cower to the nonsense of wearing masks.

Masked Mob Menaces Shoppers in Santa Cruz

They won't accept the fact aeration reduces virus titer (load).
Do the pro-maskers fear a virus? No, they fear the morons they
elected to do their thinking. Where will that lead them to?

Nostradamus: Century 1, Quatrain 81:
"Of the human flock, nine will be set apart, 
separated from judgment and counsel. 
Their fate is sealed as they depart. 
Kappa Theta Lambda dead, banished and scattered." 
The Supreme Court under Biden-Kamala?

Century 2, Quatrain 10:
"Before long, all will be set in order.
We will expect a very sinister century.
The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed.
Few will be found who will want to be in their place."
Our government in their bad-ass diguises and basements.

Century 2, Quatrain 44:
"The Eagle driven back around the tents
will be chased from there by other birds:
When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells
Will restore the senses of the senseless lady."
Perhaps Antifa and BLM will overtake a city,
and the celebration of it will shock a woman
drunk on power back to her senses. 

And then there are the jesuits, who quickly label any group of people
outside of the church that attempts to grow and nurture a living, beneficial
God (i.e. overall goodness) as a cult. Instead of growing a God, the jesuits
grow the devil to ensure their own job security.*
To them, success is sabotaging everyone else's
ability to behave themselves.

The U.K. Patent for Coronavirus

Another Lie Told to the World

A Defense

Read this, too please (very short).

Are world governments, by their policies, insinuating
that the Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and
other Professionals are lacking credentials or experience?
Why do world leaders not recognize true merit? Why do they
promote education (student debt) now and non-recognition, later?
It is because they, due to the positions of power they hold,
feel they have no need of qualified individuals stating facts.
It is not by profound knowledge, but by bribe that such wicked
policies remain in place. How convenient that trillions of dollars
were printed before the plandemic. How much of that Repo-market
"easing" actually paid off anyone's debt? Those who owed the debt
still owe the debt. Where did all that money go? Need one ask?

Why do religious establishments not endorse the testimony
of physicians worldwide instead of closing down in  panic?
Would they lose government "benefits"? Is that godly?
What happened to faith healing?

*They would not have jobs if the world were good and had no problems
legal, financial, marital, phychosomatic, spiritual, or other.
They create problems, pilfer goods and laud themselves for it
in order to usurp God with the great leech called government.
If they get you to beg from them, they win.

To all the powerful people who want to flee tyranical areas:
You are not welcome here if you won't fight for your own integrity. We
KNOW you will only erode ours. You will not achieve anything by running.
Try growing the nads to party at home. With friends.
Better yet - grow some T-Cells. Then enjoy life.

Variety is the spice of life, but we all need to beware unifying the races.
A word that points to the same reality as the word, "chaos", is "mud".
"Melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms"
The longer light is applied, the darker it gets.
Sit in the snow for a thousand years, and yer ass will turn white.
Conversely, I was working with a black dude in the tropics back in the
1970's. It took him twenty minutes to realize I was white. No kidding.
Questions for the anti-whites: Are your teeth white? Do you hate your teeth?
Quit trying to ruin the spice of life. Brush your teeth.
Some of the whites are of alien origin, some of the blacks are of alien
origin, some of the orientals are of alien origin, but the races will
never co-exist so long as the goal of the powers that be is to degrade all
the races into dumbness and ease of control. Some of each race have been
here forever and know that the only way to co-exist is via intelligence.
The best partner is the one most like yourself. Opposites do not attract.
They cancel each other out to achieve entropy.
Sameness in motion attracts itself, electricity in parallel; magnetism in series.
Sameness at rest expands itself. (If sameness is at rest, there may be an electric
field, but no electrical flow and, therefrom, no magnetism.)

To all who think to have "The Word of God":
Actions Speak Louder than Words.

It is good to give glory to God, but it is bad to miss the fact
that so many people are willing to step up and play God. Going
up to people and saying, "So-and-so has saved you. Thanks for
the control", is affectatious and grossly presumptuous.
All devotees should know the truth of their religions instead
of asserting their doctrines as an array of strategic weapons.
And, it doesn't matter how advanced an alien civilization was
that may have come to this planet. Intelligence is one thing,
but smartness only comes with the pain of experience. If they
blew themselves up before, they were stupid! Are they still?

Final Warning:
To all those who think to fool God: If the life forms who live on, and seek
control of the very Nature of this Planet try to break every one of Nature's
Laws, in addition to twisting and breaking the Laws given by God for this
Planet to survive, tell us what Reason exists for this Planet to adhere
to the Laws that govern its Present Orbit?
All that money in your possession did not maintain
a planet as you promised it would. Yes, you did.
Where does all that money go? 
If you ever truly did anything for the sake of goodness,
you might be surprised to find that it both softens and
strengthens the heart more that any medicine ever could.
You said, "Na."
What are you seeking other than some way to spite God?
You who manage the resources of this planet were and are irresponsible.
You will not be able to hide behind the peen.

May God protect those who truly love God.